My normality is not yours. And while we, as sisters, of course, Shared a similar life at the start Our perception of it could not be more far apart. How can it be more normal for you to be with a man Than for me to be with a woman. How can it be that… Continue reading Normality


You do not belong is just wrong. Yes, you might dress differently, You might act, eat, sleep, walk or look differently. You might love, you might think, You might perceive of the world differently. But different than who? Are you different than ‘us’? And who then, is ‘we’? There is supposedly no us without them… Continue reading Belonging


Truth. In its basis such a simple notion And yet in so many cases left reduced to The definition of some privileged nations. Thus truth always also about recognition Recognition that there cannot be one simple definition. The truth is that there are many truths. While your truth may not always be mine Mine will… Continue reading Truth(s)