My normality is not yours.
And while we, as sisters, of course,
Shared a similar life at the start
Our perception of it could not be more far apart.

How can it be more normal for you to be with a man
Than for me to be with a woman.
How can it be that your definition of love
Is solely based on a notion
That I think defiles its defining idea.
Leaving it nothing but destructed.

Is my love then inferior to yours
Just because women feel closer to me than most men ever could
Or would you truly hear me out and try to understand when I shout:

Love is love and as such is not bound
To sex, gender or other constructed categories found.

I know that in itself you do not intend to be homophobic
And yet I cannot pretend that I don’t get worried
That I don’t get upset when you say to me
That I should just have children
The natural way.

Am I not loving men the way you do
Not woman enough to become a mother?
Do I not feeling sexually attracted to most men
Lack the right to give birth to my own children?

Bearing a child in your womb
May be more, may be less
Important to you personally
But I can, with all my good faith, not see
How this wish would be linked to my sexuality.

There exist women loving men that cannot imagine a life with kids
As well as there are women loving women that cannot imagine a life without.
Yes, adoption is of course an option
But yet again I fail to get how this decision
Would be linked in any way to your
Sexual orientation.

There may well be too many people living on this earth
I am in no place to judge.
Adoption, in this case specifically, is not limited to same sex relationships
Or any sexuality.

I am a woman and yes,
I passionately love other humans.

This, my love for humans of my gender
Does not render me less capable as a mother.
Nor does it define my wish to bear
One, two or whatever number it might be
Children in my womb, give birth,
Live free.