We, The People of Democracy

We, the people.
We, the demos.
We, the people of democracy.

Are we?

And if we are,
Who then is we?
The we that constitutes the demos of democracy.
Where do we begin?
Where do we end?
Why does it appear that we are limited in terms of quantity;
Exclusive membership defining us better than any call for liberty, equality ever could.
Or would you be able to stand up and say that there is indeed another way?

If we are the women of democracy, who is there to represent us?
If we are the queers of democracy, who is there to stand beside us?
If we are the POC of democracy, who is there to talk alongside us?
If we are not white, not male, not heterosexual, not cis-gender;
Who is going to render democracy into a space for this we – if not us?

That does not exclude,
Whose demos is, as intended, defined from below.
Could we possibly overthrow,
The system that confines us.

And what if:
We started to act like a demos.
Made our own democracy.
Free From exclusion.

Published in Frauen*forscherin Sommersemester 2019 (https://www.oeh.univie.ac.at/sites/default/files/CMS/Frauen_Ref/Frauen_Forscherin/FForscherinSoSe2019.pdf)