Translation und Moderne

Es soll einerseits die Rolle der Translation in der (Re)Produktion von Hegemonien im Falle der Moderne und des darin (und seither) stattfindenden Eurozentrismus erforscht werden. Auf der anderen Seite wird Translation auch als Möglichkeit für das Aufbrechen von Strukturen diskutiert, da sie das Potential hat die Willkürlichkeit von Machbeziehungen aufzudecken. Translation wird als Ausgangspunkt für einen Schritt aus den Denkstrukturen der Moderne besprochen. Ziel ist es, das Bild des „europäischen Originals“ zu dekonstruieren und die Rolle der Translation darin sichtbar zu machen.

(Re)Narrating Europe

Identities are fluid and multiple, not solid and singular. So is that of Europe. We narrate Europe in a way that positions "us Europeans" as good, "developped", as somehow superior to in particular countries in the Global South. If we revisit the histories and narratives about, in, and of Europe, we can see that "us" and "them" are more entangled than we might think. If we allow for fluid, queered identities and multiple identifications based on a plurality of interwoven histories, third generation immigrants are no longer immigrants, but Europeans, and Islam is no longer oppositional to Europe but has been part of its history.

Construction of Good and Bad

"Identity", as a word, can be misleading. All of us have multiple, intersecting identities. In this regard, I could say, "I am many". Those identities influence each other. They have an impact on how we perceive of this world and how the world perceives of us. One problem in media representation is that, often, identity categories are singled out for the purposes of the piece, failing true representation and furthering essentialist, simplified, notions of humans. I discuss the case of the framing of Muslim LGBTIQ+ refugees in the Austrian media in this context and argue that only certain identity categories are allowed to exist alongside each other. They are used to, as narratively convincing, create the images of a "good" and "bad" migrant.